Combinated machine for cleaning and decontamination



Productivity (t/h) wheat
from 2.5 to 4 t/h.
Productivity(t/h) barley
from 1.5 to 2.5 t/h
Power(kW) 4(kW)
L/H/W in operating position(мм) 12000х2800х2000 (мм)
L/H/W in non-operating position(мм) 6000х2800х2000 (мм)

The combined machine consists of aspiration, sieving part and trommel plus built in decontamination machine. The production capacity is 4 tons per hour. It is mobile and has its own upload and offload auger for the decontaminated grain. Two or three man are needed to operate the machine.

The grain flow first passes through the aspiration where the inert materials and the dust are separated and removed. Than it passess through the first trommel, which removes any weeds and brocken grains processing all the trash in a special bag. After that the grain goes into the sieving part, where the small and weak grains are removed as well as the broken ones, with lenght less than 2,5mm. The next step is the trommel, where the roadworthy grains are selected and send to the dosator for decontamination.


Results after the work of the machine.